In the next few days, this amazing couple will be welcoming their sweet new bundle of joy to the world. A few weeks back, Joe went down to Southern Pines to meet up with them for a walk around downtown and a quick trip out to the nearby Reservoir Park for some photos at the spot where they got married.

Axia and Zach really wanted to make this shoot about them as a couple who just happen to be expecting a baby; a gift for her to know who they were and what they and their relationship looked like around the time she was born. It was great to be able to experiment and do something beyond the ordinary with maternity photos and I was so pleased that they were happy with the results. Here’s what Axia had to say:

“Your pictures were amazing! You really helped capture a couple oriented feel we were looking for, thank you! I can’t say how impressed we were and thank you again for your patience and attention to detail!”

Thank you, Axia! We look forward to seeing you and your little one here at the studio in a few days.

Here are just a few of my favorites from the shoot:

Raleigh-Maternity-Photography-Axia-Zach-13 Raleigh-Maternity-Photography-Axia-Zach-11 Raleigh-Maternity-Photography-Axia-Zach-5 Raleigh-Maternity-Photography-Axia-Zach-1-2 Raleigh-Maternity-Photography-Axia-Zach-4 Raleigh-Maternity-Photography-Axia-Zach-12 Raleigh-Maternity-Photography-Axia-Zach-9 Raleigh-Maternity-Photography-Axia-Zach-2 Raleigh-Maternity-Photography-Axia-Zach-1 Raleigh-Maternity-Photography-Axia-Zach-6 Raleigh-Maternity-Photography-Axia-Zach-10 Raleigh-Maternity-Photography-Axia-Zach-8 Raleigh-Maternity-Photography-Axia-Zach-7 Raleigh-Maternity-Photography-Axia-Zach-3 Raleigh-Maternity-Photography-Axia-Zach-15 Raleigh-Maternity-Photography-Axia-Zach-14

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